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Here you can purchase 1-to-1 sessions with Niema, meditation courses, and Niema’s latest children’s book. 

You vs. You


You vs You is about implementing Niema’s suggested 6 mindful tips to feelings more balanced. Niema takes you on a personal reflective journey in exploring who you are now to transforming to the person you want to be by learning how you can take control of your life by taking control of your mindset first. Niema lays the groundwork by being transparent with you about how she was able to do the soul work necessary to feel her best and to function at her best.
This ebook comes power packed with 6 individualized meditations at the end of each tip/chapter and soul work to have the reader be as reflective and action oriented as you set to embark on a journey to gain more emotional stability. Taking Niema’s advice on how these 6 mindful tips changed her life can open your heart and mind to change yours. Niema comes to you in this book not just as a meditation therapist but a friend in your head.