1-to1 Sessions

Private Mindfulness sessions are a wonderful way to work through your needs, regardless of whether you are a beginner or want to deepen your practice. Your private session will be tailored to you and is completely confidential.

What is recommended?

Before you decide that you want multiple sessions sign up for an initial consultation which involves:
Getting to know the client- we figure out together when you started to develop stress patterns and how those patterns have played out into your life- we discuss what you want out of your meditation practice and we develop a plan from there. We discuss time and your schedule because the most important component to getting the most out of the sessions is actually practicing outside of the session. If you cannot commit to the practice then you will not see maximum results.

What you can expect from one on one session?

Preceding each session will be a homework activity “soul work” designed to promote your continued meditation practice and mindfulness growth. Each session will start with a guided meditation, then go into new growth work conversation, introduction to new mindfulness strategie and then end with guided meditation.

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1 Hour Consultation


30 Minute Guided Meditation