Anti-Aging Beauty Pillow


The new anti-aging beauty pillow is here to preserve your skin night after night. Here are the following benefits to using this beauty pillow and why you need it:

1. To preserve any fillers or botox you get
2. Eliminates any creasing from your face from laying on your stomach or side
3. Allows you to sleep on your back while supporting your neck

Bonus: Comes with a custom satin pillow case designed to reduce friction, tangles in the hair, helps prevent creases in the face, naturally hypoallergenic

Extra Bonus: Comes with a velvet carrying case (use it to travel or carry your jewelry) and a satin hair tie.

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Pillow details:

This luxurious crystal fleece beauty pillow cover and feather-soft fiber filling will support your neck and keep you cozy. We use hypoallergenic materials for the shell and filling to ensure you don’t have to worry about allergens that traditional down-filled pillows can harbor.

Color: Grey
Material: Polyester & Polyester blend
Dimensions: 12x4x13 inches