Niema Golphin is the author of Discovering Your Greatness Now. A young girl, growing up in a low-income community, fighting daily to overcome the temptations threatening to lead her down a destructive path however choose to not let her environment define her. Many young women can relate to this struggle. The outcome of this tale is not typical. In 2000, Golphin moved to Southern California to pursue her undergraduate degree at Azusa Pacific University. Her belief in the power of education has continued, and she is now a candidate for her PhD in Organizational Management and Leadership.
Since moving back to Philadelphia, Golphin has dedicated the past three years to fostering the mental growth and advancement of young women through her program, “Life Preparatory Skills.” This has lead to the conception and development of her book, Discovering Your Greatness Now, is a step-by-step guide for teens ages 16-21.

Golphin connects with students, many like herself from underserved inner-city communities, through sheer honesty. . . attendees walk away understanding that despite whatever environment they are from or whatever struggle they may be facing, within them lies the potential to thrive and achieve their goals.

Though this book is geared towards young teenage girls, I guarantee that anyone, young or old can learn from the lessons taught in this book… It was a great read for me

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I discovered my greatness through my struggle.